97th Early Show Appearance

I made it to New York yesterday to prepare for my 97th appearance on The Early Show on CBS (Stepping Stones: 6 Steps to the Perfect Path). The segment which I just completed worked out great, I hope you were able to see it.

97th Appearance

I make about 20-25 visits to the Early Show every year, and its always fun. I have a lot of friends here that always have a few home improvement questions. Some of your friends may show you pictures of kids, vacations, etc; but I get pictures of bathrooms, kitchens, and patios. It’s OK, I love being able to point people in the right direction on improving their homes.

The whole CBS Early Show crew is great and have a tough job producing that much content, every week, all year long. I did this segment with my old friend Russ Mitchell. Russ is so talented. He can do the evening news when Katie Couric needs a fill in, he can handle interviewing anyone in the world, and he can ask great questions during a home improvement segment like today.

I am always looking for suggestions on segments you would like to see on The Early Show or my weekly show Today’s Homeowner, so any ideas?