30 Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Home

House with lots of Halloween decorations

We have a neighbor who’s really into Halloween decorating – so much so that each year, not only do they outdo themselves, but the other neighbors start to compete with decorations of their own.

By the time Halloween rolls around, some of the younger neighborhood kids won’t even walk down that block!

Whether you’re into natural cornstalks and scarecrows, kid-friendly smiling goblins, or ghoulish zombies, Halloween offers an opportunity to pull out all the decorating stops!

It’s really hard to overdo Halloween – one could argue that the more decorations you have, the more protection from evil spirits or tricksters – on All Hallows Eve.

Halloween tombstone decoration next to walk

And even if you think they’re ugly, they’ll soon be replaced by (hopefully more tasteful) Christmas decorations anyway.

Besides, when else can you indulge your most fantastical, darkly tacky side?

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