Lifehacking with 5 Household Items

There isn’t just one side to a coin, and there isn’t just one use for one either. You can do some incredible things with common household items with a stretch of the imagination and a bit of science. We’re breaking down alternative uses of household items. If anything, these make for great cocktail party conversation starters to use this new year.

1. WD-40

This wonder spray is by far the most versatile item on this list. There are dozens if not hundreds of things you can spray this stuff on. We could probably do an article on it alone. But, to narrow down the list, here are 3 different ways you can use WD-40. Make sure if you are doing these to spray in a well-ventilated room.

1. Spider Killer – Not only will it kill the unwanted pest on , but you can spray it around where you saw the bug to keep them away.

2. Goo-begone – Do you have gummy, gooey or some other form of ungodly gunk stuck somewhere it doesn’t belong. Spray it, and wipe away.

3. Waterproofing – Spray WD-40 on shoes or an old bag you’re using on the next camp trip to add an extra layer of protection.

2. Toothpaste

Dentists say you should spend 2 minutes brushing your teeth. Now take another 30 minutes and fix some stuff around the house using that same tube.

1. Remove Carpet Stains – Sure toothpaste takes care of stains on your teeth. But, did you know it knocks out carpet stains as well? Just put the paste right on a stain and scrub. After a bit of repetition, it should clear the stain right out.

2. Treats Leather – Toothpaste can also help remove scuff marks from your favorite leather boots or jacket. After applying the toothpaste, rub it in with a soft cloth, and then rinse.

3. Glue

A good bottle of glue goes a long way. Don’t just stick to what you’ve done in grade school; you can finish several different repairs and projects with a few items around the house and some glue.

1. Fill Holes in the Wall – If you have a small hole from nails, wait to paint. First, dab some glue into the hole and wipe for a smooth finish.

2. Fix Loose Door Hinge Watch this video for a quick fix to a loose door hinge. The key is glue and a wooden golf tee.

3. Crackle Paint Finish Watch this video to find out how to antique your furniture by giving it a decorative crackle paint finish using water based wood glue and paint.


  1. You can also use a coin as a shim when leveling a toilet and to even up chair legs on an uneven floor. Hot glue a coin to the short leg!

  2. Scratches on trim along baseboard and doorway. Not sure if it is real wood or not. Has finish on it so can you restrain? House built in 1997.