Plexiglass vs. Glass: Which is Right for Your Windows?

Plexiglass or glass windows

When it comes to window materials, there are many options available. However, a lot of homeowners narrow their decision to glass or plexiglass.

When comparing glass and plexiglass windows, consider these factors:

Glass windows are more affordable and can be easier to maintain than plexiglass windows. Plexiglass windows are easier to scratch, so greater care is needed when cleaning them.

Budget: Glass is generally less expensive, scratch-resistant, and can be easily recycled. While plexiglass windows are generally more expensive than glass windows, you can shop around to buy a customized window replacement for an affordable price.

Composition: Plexiglass windows are made of clear acrylic, a plastic and petroleum-based product. Glass, on the other hand, is an inorganic, solid compound that was cooled from liquid to solid.

Light reflection: Glass easily reflects light compared to plexiglass surfaces. However, plexiglass offers increased clarity and less glare.

Shattered glass
One advantage of plexiglass? It doesn’t easily shatter like glass. (DepositPhotos)

Shattering: Glass shatters easily because it’s made of amorphous materials while plexiglass is softer and does not shatter. Still, plexiglass scratches easily.

Location: Your glass selection should depend on where your home is situated. For instance, if you reside in a high-density area, you need a noise-reducing glass window. People who reside in areas where children play may need a plexiglass window that cannot be shattered easily.

Those who have privacy concerns might consider a tinted glass or plexiglass window. Also, if you reside in bushfire-prone areas, you need a glass material resistant to bush fire, which reduces the flow of radiated heat through the window.

Both glass and plexiglass windows offer many advantages. Glass is cheaper, scratch-resistant and can be easily recycled while plexiglass is shatter-resistant, stronger and can withstand stormy weather.

Ultimately, the type of glass you choose will largely depend on your purpose and privacy needs.